Manu made his first Clay Art almost 20 years ago, in 1994.

After falling in Love with this kind of Work over and over again, he decided in 2000 to visit India and learn more about the Roots of Chillums.After two Visits to this beautiful Country he was sure that this was the Place he wanted to live. So he moved to Chapora, Goa in 2002.
There, he improved his Skills and gathered more Experience in creating Chillums Year by Year.

Nowadays he still lives and works in India during Autumn, Winter and Spring, while the Summers are reserved for his Festival-Tour. Even if the Festivals change more or less each Summer, you most probably found and find him at O.Z.O.R.A. in Hungary, Antaris Festival in Germany, Noise Poison Festival in Slovakia, Psycrowdelica as well as Freqs of Nature in Germany.
In the meanwhile, he is known all over the World for his Work as well as his lovely and opened up Character.

since he is not "only" a Chillum Artist but also an Artist in many other Ways, this Website does not only include a Webshop with Items for Sale and a Chillum Gallery with already sold Items, but also Pictures and Information to his other Artwork and Creations.Manu still does Custom Work, but these Special Editions take a lot of Time and even more intense Focusing, and he wants to keep the Freedom in his Working Flow.

So he is always open for Requests, but even more happy to do customized Pieces with his own Touch of Creativity.